Philadelphia Wedding

The Modern-Meets-Romantic Wedding of a Stylish Philly Stationery Designer

We’ve talked to Philly wedding pros about their Big Day secrets in the past. And yet, we still find ourselves blissfully surprised by just how […]

City Life

What Will Rupert Everett Say Next?

Gay actor Rupert Everett has stirred the pot again with negative comments about same-sex parenting as he plays Oscar Wilde in a London production of “The Judas Kiss.”

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So This is What Gaga Smells Like

Lady Gaga releases a new video for her fragrance Fame, which is produced by Ridley Scott.

City Life

Meet Amber Rose

Amber Rose comes to her native Philly this week to host a vodka tasting and meet fans for Smirnoff.

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Janet Jackson to Make Trans Documentary

Janet Jackson is making a documentary about transgender life called Truth that begins shooting this summer.

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Hip-Hop Artist Comes Out

“Negative’s relative and critics are minimal,” raps Y-Love – also known at Yitz Jordan – a Hassidic hip-hop artist who taps into a mix of […]

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Q&A: Jade Starling

Jade Starling may be best known from her Pretty (“Catch Me I’m Falling”) Poison days. But in recent years the Philly native and current Jersey […]

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GLAAD Honors Chaz

His turn on Dancing with the Stars was only the beginning. Since making headlines for being the first transgender contestant on the reality show, Chaz […]

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Radio Personality Comes Out

Few people get the opportunity to come out to the tune of Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).” But for Fez Whatley of the […]