Philly emojis

There Are Now Philadelphia-Specific Emojis

About a year and a half ago, we wrote a wish list for Philadelphia-specific emojis. And, well, our prayers have finally been answered: Today, Visit […]


STUDY: “LOL” is Becoming Extinct

We all express laughter in different ways online. I never caught on to the “LOL” bandwagon, because, well, it never really made sense to me. […]


Apple’s New Emoji Have Created Brand New Ways to Be Culturally Insensitive Online

More than half of Americans are in possession of a smartphone, with many using emoticons. It is fair to say that while all races are […]


Quick, Update Your iPhone: Gay Emojis Have Arrived!

The latest update on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc … ) contains the LGBT emojis we’ve been waiting for! You can now access cute […]


New Steve Powers Emojis Available from Hi-Art App

You’ve seen his Love Letter murals all over town, but now you can spice up your texts with some digital art by Steve Powers. The Philly […]