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These New Emoji Tell You What Your Poop Means

Who knew emoji could be so useful? As Refinery29 reports, the company Synergy Pharmaceuticals has taken the poop emoji to a whole new level, releasing […]


Post Your Own Emoji Bars and Restaurants

It didn’t take long for people to decipher our Philadelphia Restaurants in Emoji Form. Congrats to Gilzilla and Midtown Lunch for cracking the codes first. But […]


Philadelphia Restaurants in Emoji Form

Sometime earlier this summer we started coming up with a list of restaurants and bars that could be described in Emoji form. Some are obvious, others, […]

City Life

Twitter’s #PopeInPhilly Emoji Is a Complete Travesty

We Philadelphians are used to the Liberty Bell being a shorthand for our city. Though it’s a bell that no one alive has ever heard […]


The 5 Best Pope Emojis in the New Popemoji App

Walk down any commercial block in Philadelphia right now and you’ll probably see the pope. The holy father’s picture is in nearly every storefront. He’s […]

City Life

10 Emojis Philadelphia Needs Right Now

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Other times, words are just too much. That’s where emojis — little cartoon icons that can be used in text […]