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Election 2012


How Mac-n-Cheese and Water Ice Caused a Small Voting War in Southwest Philly

Low turnout. That was the story during election day. In his concession speech last night at the Sidecar Cafe, losing City Controller candidate Brett Mandel […]


Republicans Still Trying To Find Ways to Steal PA’s Electoral Votes

Hey, remember when Republicans tried to win Pennsylvania’s electoral votes for Mitt Romney by making it really hard for poor and minority people in Philadelphia […]


Philly Democrats Are More Than Capable of Conspiracy

“Myth is the hidden part of every story, the buried part, the region that is still unexplored because there are as yet no words to […]


How Churches Have Brought the IRS to Its Knees

Election 2012 has come and gone, and at least one thing has become clear: It’s time to start taxing the churches. The IRS might finally […]


Did Dead People Vote in Philadelphia?

Once again, the voting process in Philadelphia is a joke told over and over again on national newscasts. Every four years, the fairness of voting […]


Republicans Blame Everyone But Themselves (That’s Why They Lose)

“Define irony: Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.” So said […]


U.S. Homophobes Must Be Contemplating Emigration (Er, Canada’s Out)

As last week’s elections incontrovertibly proved, 2012 will go down in history as The Year of the Queer. Welcome to your worst nightmare, homophobes.


Marijuana Is Winning

For marijuana activists, Tuesday’s election was much like an overnight success literally decades in the making. Let’s take a tally: Two states legalized cannabis for […]


Jimmy Kimmel Has Taught Me to Trust No One

Jimmy Kimmel has sent me into a tailspin of doubt. On Monday, Kimmel’s Lie Witness News asked people if they’d voted (no polls were open […]


Philly VP Candidate Came in Fourth in Presidential Election

Once a homeless mother, Cheri Honkala moved to Philadelphia in the late 1980s and has been fighting for the rights of the poor and homeless […]


South Philly Almost Went for Mitt Romney

Not everyone in Philadelphia voted for Barack Obama. Here, a ward-by-ward breakdown of how the city voted. Click on the column headers to sort. Note […]


When Voter Turnout in Philadelphia Really Matters

Polls were crowded and lines to vote were long on Election Day here in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It is a […]


Obama Lost 55 of PA’s 67 Counties

Barack Obama won, but if the State of Pennsylvania had been decided on a county-by-county basis, Mitt Romney would have won by a landslide here. […]


Election 2012 Results: Fox News Says Barack Obama Wins [UPDATE: Romney Concedes]

At shortly after 11 p.m., Fox News Channel called the election in favor of President Barack Obama. Juan Williams started talking about Obama’s legacy in […]

The Scene

PHOTOS: Philly Politics at Famous 4th Street

A Philadelphia tradition, Famous 4th Street saw lots of familiar faces on voting day. This year, amid the big sandwiches and political chatter, there was […]