Only 2.5 Percent of Philly Businesses Are Black-Owned. The City Must Act.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how Black millennials might be able to close the generational wealth gap in our community. […]


Tonight: Contrarian Economist Bryan Caplan

What’s a contrarian economist? I was wondering that myself when I came across the listing for Bryan Caplan’s appearance at the Free Library tonight (Thursday, […]


OPINION: I Hope Amazon HQ2 Doesn’t Come to Philly

Today is the deadline for cities to place their bids to host Amazon’s second headquarters. Philadelphia, along with Chicago, Houston, Boston and more than 50 other […]


Seattle Will Now Be Taxing Its Rich. Should Philly Be Doing the Same?

Looks like the city of Seattle’s at it again. Despite a recent independent study conducted by the University of Washington that found that the city’s […]


A Thanksgiving Meal in Philly? $46.60

You’re going to pay more for that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie this year. That’s according to Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who said in […]


Florida Governor Coming to Philly to Poach Jobs

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he’s coming to Philadelphia next month to try to lure businesses and jobs here back to his state — making […]


The Confidence Gap: Do Women Lack Confidence, or Does the World Lack Confidence in Women?

Women lack confidence —  so says a piece in The Atlantic called “The Confidence Gap,” written by two women with impressive careers at ABC World […]


The Dangerous “Science” of Gregory Clark, as Read In the New York Times

Earlier this week, Sandy Hingston reported on a new study by California economics professor Gregory Clark, which claims genes, not social factors, are why it’s […]


Penn Econ Nobel Laureate Lawrence Klein dies at 91

Lawrence Klein, whose pioneering of new uses of econometrics to create our current models of economic forecasting earned him the Nobel Prize in Economics, died […]