East Mt. Airy


Living in Mt. Airy: A Neighborhood Guide

Back in Colonial times, Mt. Airy was Philadelphia’s original summer resort. In fact, the neighborhood takes its name from its very first “vacation home”: Mount […]


An English Idyll in Mt. Airy for $380K

If you have the same warped sense of humor I do, you might see blocks like this one in Mt. Airy and think immediately of […]


On the Market: Rooms for Everything in Mt. Airy for $430K

You may recall that some months back, my monthly print-edition essay described how a revolt may be brewing against the ubiquitous open-plan main floor. Builders promote such […]


Your Own Country Club in Mt. Airy for $700K

Mt. Airy may not have any athletic clubs, but Germantown has two: the Germantown Cricket Club and the Philadelphia Tennis Club. And on its other […]


These Are the 10 Most Affordable Homes in Mt. Airy

Mount Airy has a reputation for substantial, lovingly maintained homes and an affluent, highly educated populace with a keen social conscience. But as anyone who […]


Upgraded in Mt. Airy for $300K

Looking for a spacious, stylish townhome where your family has room to live, play and grow? This brand-spanking-renewed rowhome in East Mt. Airy has everything you […]


Two Killed in Execution-Style Shooting in Mt. Airy

A 23-year-old man and 21-year-old woman were each found fatally shot, execution style in East Mt. Airy over the weekend as Philadelphia police continue to […]


First-Time Find: Upgraded in East Mt. Airy for $255K

The sunny streets of upper East Mt. Airy are filled with beautifully maintained homes that make great first rungs on the homeownership ladder. This is […]


First-Time Find: Age-Defying Comfort in East Mt. Airy for $309.9K

There’s nothing quite like stumbling across a spacious, updated, and affordable house in a great city neighborhood – and more often than not, we find such […]


First-Time Find: A Fresh Update on a Classic in Mt. Airy

At first glance, one would think this English-style home on a quiet street in East Mt. Airy is an old historic charmer. On the outside, a […]