Drinking Games

City Life

The Philly Heat Wave Drinking Game

If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot. Really, really hot. And so, we bring you this guide to how to best get intoxicated on this brutally […]


The Fully Sanctioned Pope in Philly Drinking Game

Judging by the lines at the liquor stores this week, Philadelphia is getting ready for a major papal par-tay. To help things along, we’ve compiled […]


The Official Philadelphia Election Day Drinking (and Drugging!) Game

It may seem difficult to believe, but there was a time when all bars in Philadelphia — actually, the entire state — were closed on Election Day. […]


Day of Games at City Tap House

Tomorrow, City Tap House is hosting another Day of Games hosted by Johnny Goodtimes. The tailgate style games like beer pong, cornhole and frisbee can […]


Super Bowl Craft Beer Drinking Games

Make no mistake about it: unless you live in one of the two cities represented in this weekend’s Super Bowl, Sunday’s big game is not […]