Donkeys Around Town

Former Governor Ed Rendell with the Kansas delegation's donkey.

DNC Donkeys Make Their Last Stand

All good things eventually come to an end, and the DNC Donkeys are no exception. The DNC Host Committee announced today that they would begin […]


The DNC Host Committee’s “Donkeys Around Town” Scavenger Hunt Officially Begins

The Philadelphia DNC Host Committee officially launched its “Donkeys Around Town” Scavenger Hunt today at Duross & Langel, where the New Jersey and South Carolina […]


These DNC-Week Art-and-Politics Events Make a Real Statement

Let’s be honest, those painted donkeys parked around the city in advance of the Democratic Convention are colorful but make no statement, no demand. Well, […]


Anti-Fracking Group: Democrats’ Platform Is a Pile of Crap

The environmental group Food & Water Watch isn’t fracking around. On Tuesday, the group held a press conference at City Hall to say that its […]


Meet the DNC Host Committee’s “Donkeys Around Town”

During next month’s Democratic National Convention, visitors will likely run into a few colorful donkeys. And they’ll have some local artists to thank for that. […]