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Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders - Atlantic City
City Life

Bernie on the Boardwalk: Sanders Bashes Trump at Atlantic City Rally

In the building where Donald Trump once held Mike Tyson prizefights and World Wrestling Federation world championship matches, Bernie Sanders spoke before a crowd in […]

Donald Trump, Chris Christie
City Life

Donald Trump Is Holding a N.J. “Rally” To Help Chris Christie Pay Off Debt

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is holding a “Make America Great Again” rally on May 19th in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. The cost for a ticket? A cool $200.

City Life

Philly Latinos React as Donald Trump Becomes the Face of the GOP

You may not have heard much about Ted Cruz’s Latino roots during his campaign, but the fact is that “Felito” (a shortened version of Rafaelito, […]

City Life

Frank Rizzo Returns in Remastered 1978 Documentary

Frank Rizzo is having a moment. Earlier this year, Philadelphia magazine contributor Jake Blumgart explored the sense of deja vu that people felt while watching Donald Trump‘s […]

Donald Trump
City Life

Trump’s Showing in Pennsylvania Puts Him on Path to the Nomination

Pennsylvania awards 71 delegates to the Republican National Convention, the seventh-most of any state. But there’s a quirk in the law: Pennsylvania awards just 17 […]


Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Vote Today

Happy Election Day! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. A lot is on the line today in Philadelphia. By voting, you could help decide […]

City Life

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Will Both Be in Philly Tonight

The Pennsylvania primary is tomorrow. Maybe you’ve heard. And things are getting hectic here in Philadelphia. Four presidential contenders will be in the Philly area today. On […]

Make Paterno Alive Again - Donald Trump
City Life

Donald Trump in Pittsburgh: “How’s Joe Paterno?”

Trump begins quest for Sorcerer's Stone in order to resurrect Joe Paterno pic.twitter.com/kSXw6wMVH6 — Ian McKenna (@Ian_McK_) April 13, 2016 Donald Trump was in Pittsburgh […]

City Life

Quinnipiac Poll: John Kasich the Only Republican Who Could Win Pennsylvania

A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading their respective Pennsylvania primaries — but it’s John Kasich who beats all […]

Harper Lee - Trump Taj Mahal
City Life

Harper Lee Called Trump Taj Mahal “The Worst Punishment God Can Devise”

The year was 1990. Harper Lee was writing to a friend in Alabama. She mentioned the Trump Taj Mahal, which had opened earlier that year […]

Franklin and Marshall poll - Trump and Clinton

Trump, Clinton Lead in New Pennsylvania Poll — But Trump’s Rivals Are Gaining Ground

A new poll from Franklin & Marshall has Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out in front in Pennsylvania — but Trump’s rivals are gaining ground. […]


Chris Christie Jokes Are No Longer Just About His Weight

Chris Christie jokes used to be mostly about his weight. As Matt Katz chronicles in American Governor, his recent biography of the New Jersey governor, Christie’s […]

City Life

Milton Street Would Still Like to Host a Trump Rally

Back in December, you’ll remember, former Pennsylvania state senator and ex-con Milton Street ended up on a stage with Donald Trump and a group of […]

Ohio Gov. John Kasich - Pennsylvania seal - 2016 GOP Pennsylvania primary
City Life

The 13 Minutes That Might Keep Kasich on the Pennsylvania Ballot

John Kasich is fighting to stay on the Republican ballot in the Pennsylvania primary. Last month, Penn student Nathaniel Rome filed to remove the Ohio […]

City Life

Could Pennsylvania Hold the Key to Stopping Trump?

Donald Trump looks likely to capture the Republican nomination. He generally leads the polls and is favored by betting markets. Republicans, though, could take the […]