Dim Sum Garden


Real Philadelphians Eat Tripe

That’s right, real Philadelphians eat tripe. It’s not really such a crazy assertion. After all, Philly — historically — is a city of immigrants. In […]

City Life

Patrons at Chinatown Restaurant Dine, Blast and Dash

This was not your usual dine and dash. A group of nine patrons at Dim Sum Garden on Race Street in Chinatown set off firecrackers […]


Great New Designs at the Foobooz Store

We’ve got the coolest t-shirts in Philadelphia: When we did round one of our Starving Artist Series, artist Justin Rentzel came up with some awesome stuff. We […]


Dim Sum Garden looks like it might be opening this weekend in its new location.

Word from our highly placed sources says to look for a Saturday grand opening on the 1000 block of Race Street, and that (sadly) the […]


Fall Restaurant Preview: What Has Us Excited

Fall officially arrives this weekend and the season promises to be a busy one for Philadelphia’s restaurant scene. Here are some of the projects that […]


Labor Day Marks Restaurant Closings and For Sale Listings

It used to be that the first of the year was the death knell for restaurants. Establishments that couldn’t bare the expense of making it […]


Dim Sum Garden Is Making a Move

Dim Sum Garden, the Chinatown dive where the food is always being praised, is moving into a much bigger (and nicer) location in Chinatown. The […]


Around the Web: Sweetgreen Endorsement, New Taco Trucks & Adsum Two Ways

Living on the Vedge enthusiastically endorses Sweetgreen, claiming the University City salad shop puts the “sass back in salad.” [Living on the Vedge] Drawing for […]


Rolling in Dough at Dim Sum Garden

Many have exalted the soup dumplings at Dim Sum Garden but Brian Freedman finds that all the dough based menu items are worthy of praise. […]


Around the Web: Get There or Get Back

Photo via Fussing with Forks It may not look like much but “the chances of death are slim and the food is great” at Dim […]


Dumpling Dive Is Dumpling Heaven

Craig LaBan visits Dim Sum Garden in Chinatown in search of a worthy replacement to Lakeside Chinese Deli and finds perhaps the best scallion pancakes […]