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The Checkup: The Essential Part of the Weight-Loss Equation You’re Probably Ignoring

• If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably super on top of what you’re eating, but research suggests that when you eat is also important. [Men’s Health]


How to Organize Everything In Your Life

As the foliage on the trees dies in a fiery, colorful blaze, so too should those bad habits that are cluttering your life and stressing […]

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Yoga With Jake: Hip Openers for Office Workers

Every week, we post a new yoga routine from local instructor Jake Panasevich. Panasevich’s specialty is yoga for men (you can learn more about him […]

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The Checkup: This Is How Long Food Really Lasts in the Fridge

• If you often find yourself throwing food away because you have no idea if it’s still good, check out this handy-dandy guide that outlines how long […]

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Video: Why You Really Shouldn’t Eat Lunch at Your Desk Today

On a typical work day, my lunch break looks like this: Me, hunched over my desk, shoveling some sort of salad/wrap/quinoa concoction into my mouth […]