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Jon Stewart’s New Horse Wasn’t Actually Shot 100 Times With Paintballs

It’s not what it looks like – but it’s not great either. Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey Stewart, recently adopted a horse from Kennett Square that […]

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Daily Show to Film in Philadelphia During the DNC

The Daily Show is coming to Philadelphia. During the Democratic National Convention, The Daily Show will film and broadcast four shows from the Annenberg Center […]


The New Daily Show Kicks Off With Several Local Ties

It’ll be no easy task, but Comedy Central’s The Daily Show returns this week for the first time since longtime host Jon Stewart bid a […]


WATCH: Jon Stewart Leaves The Daily Show in The Best Way

The Daily Show The Daily Show is one of those shows like The Simpsons that I’ve seen enough that certain funny quotes pop into my […]


POLL: America Wants Tina Fey to Replace Jon Stewart On the Daily Show

We suggested it before, but now a Quinnipiac University poll is backing us up: America wants Tina Fey to replace Jon Stewart when he steps down from […]


Jon Stewart Slams Philly, Cheesesteaks, Art Museum, Phanatic

Jon Stewart didn’t take well to Ryne Sandberg’s report he’d received food poisoning from Shake Shack during a series against Stewart’s Mets, leading to Stewart’s […]