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Homeowners Are Loving Bucks County: Report Finds Increase in Pending Sales

The Bucks County real estate scene has been doing pretty well for itself all things considered. According to the latest housing report from Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS, the […]


House Hunting Habits: Millennial Edition

We told you on Friday about the shaky confidence people have in the house-buying market. You know, how homeowners are feeling good about the current […]


Will Smart Homes Soon Be the Norm?

We may not be at The Jetsons level yet, but it definitely seems like we’re headed in that direction. According to a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate […]


Realtors Behaving Badly: The Reality Show?

Surely you remember the story: Two realtors (pictured above) were supposed to be selling a house. Instead, they were using the house to meet up […]


BuzzFeed Will Soon Have Real Estate Listicles

Who can get the kids talking on the tweet machines about real estate? BuzzFeed, that’s who. At least that’s what Coldwell Banker Real Estate is […]