Class-Action Lawsuits

philadelphia police using tear gas on protesters, who are filing a lawsuit over the use of tear gas
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Philly Lawyers Prepping Massive Lawsuit Against City Over Tear Gas and Other Incidents

A roundup of Philly news. This post may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. Philly Lawyers Prepping Massive Lawsuit Against City […]

han dynasty lawsuit

Han Dynasty Hit With Class-Action Suit Claiming Unpaid Overtime and Wages

In recent years, prolific Philadelphia restaurateurs like Stephen Starr, Michael Solomonov, and the Val Safran-Marcie Turney team have found their companies targeted in workers’ rights […]

grubhub lawsuit tiffin indian food philadelphia
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Grubhub Hit With Huge Class-Action Suit by Philly Indian Chain Tiffin

You’re probably familiar with the Grubhub food delivery app. You pull it up, find the food you want, and Grubhub connects with a local restaurant […]

terracotta warriors, franklin institute
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Lawsuit: More Than Half of Franklin Institute’s Terracotta Warriors Were Fake

My family loved the Franklin Institute’s Terracotta Warriors exhibit, which recently closed after a five-month run. The Inquirer called it “ambitious” and “tremendously inventive.” But […]

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Philly Judge Orders Penthouse Club to Pay Dancers $4.6 Million in Wage Suit

In 2013, a Philadelphia woman named Priya Verma filed a class-action lawsuit against the Penthouse Club, alleging that the Castor Avenue strip club owed her […]


Philly Restaurant Veteran Calls B.S. On the Zahav Lawsuit

Ed. Note: Yesterday, we told you that Zahav had agreed to pay servers $230,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant. Since then, we’ve […]


Zahav Agrees to Pay Servers $230,000 in Class-Action Suit

UPDATE: A 20-year Philly restaurant veteran has responded to the Zahav lawsuit. Click here to read the response. In December, former Zahav server Tanya Peters […]

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King of Prussia Apple Store Sued Over Employee Security Screenings

With all of the sleek toys and gizmos in stock at the Apple Store, it’s no shocker that the company is vigilant about loss prevention […]

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Lingerie Model Sues Delilah’s Den, Claims Tips Skimmed and Pay Withheld

Delilah’s Den is best known as Philadelphia’s most “high-end” strip club, but according to one former employee, the establishment has been bilking the women who work […]

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Philly Woman Sues Angie’s List, Calls Service “Fraudulent,” “Deceptive”

The whole point of the popular website Angie’s List is that it is supposed to provide ratings and reviews of contractors, mechanics, dentists and the […]


Ex-Stripper: Delilah’s Paid Dancers Less Than Minimum Wage

Melody Schofield began dancing at Delilah’s Den in 2007. While dancing there, she says she had to purchase particular outfits to wear on certain days: Lingerie on […]