City Vs. Suburbs


Why I’m Embarrassed (Sort Of) to Live in the Philly Suburbs

I lean back in the salon chair, making small talk with Jacques as he squishes shampoo through my hair. We’ve ticked through most of the […]


Philly’s Rich Areas Are Getting Even Richer

Philadelphia is the poorest of the 10 biggest cities in the country. At the same time, Bloomberg Business reported last week that the metropolitan area is the 19th richest nationwide. […]


MAP: Where Income Inequality Is the Worst in Philly

We’re starting to wonder why the Occupy movement didn’t start in Philadelphia. For the umpteenth time in the last few years, a study has just come out […]


Want Your Kids to Grow Up Rich? Move to Bucks

Predicting someone’s future income is not like scouting baseball talent. Statistics on height, weight, arm strength don’t apply. Household income matters, we know that already. But what […]


If Philly Swallowed the Suburbs, Would It Boost the Regional Economy?

The Philadelphia region is fifth-most fragmented big metropolitan area in the country, according to a new study by political scientists at University of Illinois at Chicago. In other words, […]


Rich White People Self-Segregate More in Philly ’Burbs Than Most Anywhere Else

Researchers from the University of Minnesota mapped where wealthy white people cluster, as well as where poor people of color are concentrated, in 15 of the […]


Philadelphians, Suburbanites Are Ripping You Off

Philadelphians, you are being ripped off. No, not by the government. Nor the parking authority. Nor even the overpriced coffee shop on the corner. You’re being ripped […]


Are Suburban Schools Immoral?

Quick question on the first day of kindergarten in Philly public schools: Is it actually immoral to take your kid and flee the city for […]

radnor township

Live in Radnor? Better Not Say You’re From Philly

Hillary Kelly wrote a ridiculous piece for the New Republic a few days ago to say that unless a person is from Philadelphia County proper […]


Census: Philadelphians Are Moving to Montgomery County

Despite the fact that the American Dream has changed, and no longer necessarily signifies the white picket fence and 2.5 children living in the ’burbs, […]


All of the Philly Bars I Went to In My 20s Have Closed

The end of Sugar Mom’s marked it: The bars of my youth are gone. The places I haunted as a 20-something are closed. Alfa, Sugar […]