Chaput: Media “Hostile” to Everything Trump Does

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput criticized mainstream media outlets for their coverage of President Donald Trump during a radio show on Monday. 


Archdiocese to Close Two City, Two Suburban Churches

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia will close four local churches, including two in the city, the institution announced yesterday.


Chaput Criticizes Clinton Campaign for “Anti-Catholic” Emails

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput has criticized Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign for what he called “anti-Catholic” emails released in a yet another WikiLeaks hack.


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia to Close Three Local Churches

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia will soon close three local churches, according to a Sunday announcement.

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OPINION: Chaput, Be Gone With You

Disclaimer: I am about as religious as as wet cardboard box, but it doesn’t take a devout Catholic to figure out that Archbishop Chaput’s public reaction […]