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Center City Sips Has to End. Now.

For an opposing view, read Sandy Hingston’s “Long Live Center City Sips.” I haven’t been to Center City Sips in a couple of years. Not […]


Independence Mall Rises from the Dead

Even as the Center City District (CCD) and its parent, the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (CPDC), sound warnings every now and then that Center City’s […]


5 Takeaways from the 2017 “State of Center City” Report

The release of the 2017 “State of Center City” report at this morning’s quarterly meeting of the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation was a “Yes, but…” […]


Is The Center City Housing Boom Sustainable?

Center City may have just regained momentum as a job generator, thanks largely to adjacent University City, but its housing market has taken off like […]


How the Sharing Economy Is Changing Office Space

Two booms taken together turned Center City Philadelphia from a somewhat sleepy place at night with a buzz-cut of a skyline to a vibrant, round-the-clock […]

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CCD Report: Millennials Help Spur Strong Retail Growth

Just as the influx of new residents into Center City ultimately overflowed its confines, the retailers and restaurateurs that are rushing to serve them are […]

the LOVE sculpture in Dilworth Park
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Go See the LOVE Sculpture Now Before It Disappears for Restoration

With LOVE Park closing for renovations in February, the LOVE sculpture was moved from the place officially known as JFK Plaza to Dilworth Park. It’s […]


All the Outdoor Locations for Center City Sips

Today is the kickoff of Center City Sips, Center City’s collective happy hour. Sips offers $3 beers, $4 wines and $5 cocktails, plus half-priced appetizers every […]


CCD Releases 2016 State of Center City Report

It’s become something of a mantra each spring when the Center City District releases its annual “State of Center City” report at its quarterly meeting […]


Reading Viaduct Park Would Make Getting Around Philly Easier

Last September, after visiting the new Whitney Museum in New York, I climbed up to the High Line for what I thought would be a breezy stroll with gorgeous […]


Center City Housing Market Still Strong, But…

Though the pace has slowed a bit from the torrid level of 2013, new housing continues to be produced in Greater Center City at a […]


The Rail Park: The Bacon Brothers to Play Concert to Help Fund Phase 1

Want to see the first phase of the Rail Park finally come to fruition? So does Kevin Bacon. The Bacon Brothers, a duo consisting of Philly […]


Study: Center City Retail Rising

The Center City retail market has been on fire recently, with a young-yet-affluent customer base sparking more than $740 million in retail demand, according to […]


Crazy Surge in Center City’s Outdoor Seating

The number of downtown food establishments with outdoor seating in Philadelphia has exploded from 69 in 2001 to 365 this year, according to a new report by […]


Center City District: We Didn’t Know Protest Was Scheduled for Dilworth

Occupy Philly moved in to the old Dilworth Plaza on October 6th, 2011. The concrete plaza was quickly taken over by the activists, who made […]