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This Brewerytown Cat Cafe Wants People to Stop Leaving Stray Cats

At Le Cat Cafe near 27th Street and Girard Avenue, you can pay $12 an hour (a price that includes a cup of tea or coffee) to mingle with 12 felines […]


“Kittydelphia” Pop-Up Cat Shop Coming to Philly

First came the cats. Then the cat cafes. Now, Philly will house “Kittydelphia” – the city’s first pop-up cat event. The three-day feline festival, which kicks off […]


Kawaii Kitty Cafe is Opening in Queen Village

While this isn’t the most serious news Foobooz has reported, it might be the cutest. Kawaii Kitty Cafe will be celebrating their grand opening this […]


PHOTOS: Le Cat Café is Finally Open — We Checked it Out

Are you a cat lover? Do their little paws and furry tails overload your cuteness receptors? Do you secretly follow multiple cat blogs on Instagram — and find […]


INTERVIEW: Our Chat with Beef, the Chief Feline Officer of Kawaii Kitty Cafe

Sure, Philly has been all abuzz with the word that Kawaii Kitty Cafe — the city’s first cat-friendly coffee shop were you’ll be able to get […]


Philly’s First Kitty Café Opening in Queen Village

There’s a new kind of café opening on Fabric Row next month —one where the cats roam free. The Kawaii Kitty Café will be the […]

Be Well Philly

Will Philly’s Cat Cafe Offer Yoga?

We’re sure you’ve heard the news that Philly could be getting its very own cat cafe, right? In case you’re one of those fascinating people […]