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The Brief: Philly’s Hotel Occupancy Rates Explode to a Modern High

1. Philadelphia’s hotels were more booked last month than during any other June since 1993. The gist: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Center City’s hotel occupancy rates “reached 89.4 percent in […]


Carpenters Union Sued for Racketeering

The battle between the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the ousted carpenters union has taken another ugly turn: Thursday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority (PCCA) filed […]


Would Exhibitors Flee if Carpenters Returned to Convention Center?

If the carpenters union returns to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Sue Hueg wants none of it. Hueg, the vice president of events for National Business […]


The Brief: Carpenters Tell Democrats to Steer Clear of Convention Center

1. The Philadelphia carpenters union is asking Democrats to stay away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center during the party’s national convention here next year. The gist: Last year, four labor […]


Convention Center Got Restraining Order Against Carpenters Union

Members of Philadelphia’s carpenter’s union have been protesting outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center for months. On Saturday, the laborers took their message inside the center […]


Monday Was Not a Good Day for Philly Unions

First, the emergency board appointed by President Obama to deal with the mini-SEPTA strike we had last month announced its findings. The upshot, says the […]


Union Protests Outside Convention Center — Without an Inflatable Rat!

@PhillyDailyNews Carpenters Local 8 protest outside the PA Convention Center for alleged "unfair lockout" on Friday — Alejandro Alvarez (@PhillyRover) July 11, 2014 Whoa! […]


Letter: Unions Offer to Hit the Road to Drum Up Convention Business

The four unions still under contract at the Pennsylvania Convention Center have pledged not to file any labor grievances for six months — and to […]


Union Fracas Began in Debate Over Transportation Bill

The current fracas between some of the city’s biggest and most-powerful labor unions began taking shape last year during the debate over the state’s multibillion […]


There Is No Way Philly Unions Are Going to Pick the Next Mayor

Remember how, just about a month or two ago, everybody was speculating that Philly’s unions were going to unite and pick the city’s next mayor? […]


Philadelphia Unions Quarrel Over New Convention Center Work Rules

While the day was subdued inside the Convention Center Monday, tensions between unions “erupted” outside, the Inquirer reports. The fracas started when leaders of IBEW […]