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All-22: The Good (And Bad) Of Eric Rowe

After Nolan Carroll broke his right ankle on Thanksgiving, Eric Rowe stepped onto Ford Field and didn’t quite believe his eyes. Opposite of the rookie, on just his second snap, […]

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Four Downs: Eagles Season Sinks Even Further

DETROIT, MI — After being embarrassed in front of fans at The Linc last week, the Eagles played even worse in front of a national audience […]

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Instant Observations: Eagles-Lions

DETROIT, MI —  Here’s what we saw during the Eagles’ brutal 45-14 defeat at the hands of the Lions:

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Wake-Up Call: Matthews Training With the Best

Pro Bowl is the mandate. We’re not here just to play football. We’re here to dominate. That’s the motto that floated off the lips of […]

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Eagles’ Change Approach; Megatron, Lions Bust Loose

The plan heading into Sunday’s game against the Lions was to switch up the looks on Calvin Johnson to keep him guessing. That tactic was used sparingly early on. By our count, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie lined up over Johnson just three times in the first half. Nnamdi Asomugha was in charge of Megatron the rest of the time.

Johnson ended the half with one catch for 28 yards.

“I was on him most of the game,” said Asomugha. “I think when we got to the fourth quarter there was a lot more trying to give him a different look, give him something else so that he doesn’t get comfortable with one guy. There were sometimes, especially in the fourth quarter, when Dominique would go to him.”

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Twitter Mailbag: Dion Lewis On the Move?

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Calvin Johnson Expects Eagles To ‘Box’ Him In

Will it be Nnamdi Asomugha or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on Calvin Johnson Sunday?

That might not be entirely the right question, because it won’t be a solo mission.

“There’s only been like, not even 10 to 15 snaps this year where I’ve had one-on-one [coverage] or something like it,” said Johnson.