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Schools, Stop Removing the Names of Racists From Your Campuses

Last week, after Bryn Mawr College decided to rename some of its spaces that were named for one of its founders, a white supremacist, Philly […]

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Bryn Mawr to Scale Back on References to Founder With Racist Views

Bryn Mawr College will move forward with a plan to reduce references on its campus to M. Carey Thomas, a founder of the college who […]


Bryn Mawr to Remove References to Founder With Racist Views

Bryn Mawr College will begin to scale back on its association with its M. Carey Thomas, a founder of the college who is criticized for her racist […]

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Bryn Mawr College Ranked Among 50 Fittest Colleges in America

Healthy living website the Active Times just released its third annual Fittest Colleges ranking, with one local school — Bryn Mawr College — earning accolades. 


Penn Dropping Essay Portion of SAT Test

Editor’s note: The original headline has been changed to reflect that Penn won’t require the essay portion of the SAT Writing test. Remember way back […]


Bryn Mawr College Changes Admissions Guidelines to Welcome Transgender Women

Bryn Mawr college announced yesterday that it will alter its admissions guidelines to be more welcoming to transgender women and intersex and gender non-conforming people.

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Bryn Mawr College Angers Students With Insensitive Weight-Loss Email

Students at Bryn Mawr College are planning to protest after the school sent out a truly insensitive email to students with high BMIs, encouraging them to […]


2 Students at Bryn Mawr College Put Up a Confederate Flag

The campus at Bryn Mawr College isn’t exactly the type of place you’d expect to see students hanging the Confederate flag. But the women’s college […]


Bryn Mawr College Named Top 20 LGBT-Friendly School by Princeton Review

This week, Princeton Review released its annual Most LGBT-Friendly Schools list. There weren’t too many surprises. Private, liberal stalwarts make the top three: Stanford in California, […]