Comcast Says It’s Winning the Gigabit Internet Race

Comcast’s latest milestone is literally bringing people up to speed. On Thursday, the company announced that its Xfinity Gigabit internet and Comcast Business Gigabit services […]

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Why Comcast Recently Lost 125K Cable Customers

Last quarter, 125,000 Comcast TV customers did away with their cable subscriptions. The loss is the company’s largest quarterly decline of cable customers in the […]


Comcast Promised to Expand Philly’s Low-Cost Internet—But Now It’s Not Showing Proof

Last week, Comcast announced that 9,700 more families in Philadelphia have enrolled in Internet Essentials — the company’s low-cost service for low-income residents — since […]


WATCH: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Explains Why Comcast Isn’t Well-Liked

Bloomberg’s The David Rubenstein Show kicked off its latest season last week with a tell-all interview featuring Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. The leader typically operates […]