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Thomas Nestel III - body cameras
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SEPTA: Complaints Down 25 Percent Since Cops Began Wearing Body Cameras

Complaints against SEPTA police dropped by 25 percent in the first six months since officers began wearing body cameras, according to the first audit of […]


Kenney Wants to Equip Cops With 800 Body Cameras

Mayor Jim Kenney will seek funding for 800 body cameras for the Philadelphia Police Department in his proposed budget. He made the announcement Wednesday morning during […]

Thomas Nestel III - body cameras

All SEPTA Transit Police Now Wearing Body Cameras

At least one suspect has already been captured with the help of a SEPTA police officer’s body camera. At a press conference Friday outlining a department-wide […]

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Michael Nutter Wants 16 Times as Many Police Body Cameras Next Year

For the past few months, a police district in North Philadelphia has equipped about 30 cops with body cameras as part of a pilot program. If Mayor Michael Nutter gets his way, […]

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Ramsey Makes Right Call on Body Cameras. But …

Well-done, Commissioner Ramsey. No, that’s not patronizing or sarcastic. I’m genuinely excited that the commissioner has announced his support for outfitting Philadelphia Police officers with […]