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What I Learned at the Mayoral Debate From Philly’s “Super Voters”: Older Black Women

If you ask any political strategist to identify the most sought-after voting bloc within Democratic party at large right now, they will tell you older Black women […]

black women
Be Well Philly

These 10 Black Women Are Transforming Philly’s Fitness Scene

Whether they’re entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, or mental health experts, black women are shaking up the health and wellness landscape in Philly. Here are 10 who should […]


Black Girl Ventures’s Pitch Competition Is Coming to Philly This Month

Black Girl Ventures will make its way to Philadelphia this month to host its signature pitch competition. The DC-based organization is known for its commitment […]


Black Women Startup Founders Are Raising More Venture Dollars, Study Finds

In 2016, a groundbreaking analysis from the demographic study ProjectDiane revealed a bleak statistic about black women founders: a measly 0.2 percent of all VC […]