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I Love My Job: Philly Bike Messenger Joe Cox

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time riding around in Center City, you’ve probably encountered Philly bike messenger Joe Cox, who, with his bright […]

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Score a Free Bike Tune-Up in Philly Ahead of Bike to Work Day

Hey, Philly bikers! As you probably know, May is National Bike Month and May 14 to 18 is National Ride Your Bike to Work Week. […]

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SEPTA Strike: How to Navigate the Mess

Have a good commute today Philly #septastrike — Ferg (@christoferguson) November 1, 2016 ICYMI, which is likely impossible, close to 5,000 SEPTA union workers […]

Philly Bike Map Courtesy of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission
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Here’s a Brand-New Map of All of Philly’s Bike Lanes

Navigating for bikers just got a little bit easier. For the first time since 2014, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission released a new map of […]

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Philly’s First Two-Way Protected Bike Lane Will Be Protected by Parked Cars

It’s about time. A two-way protected bike lane is coming to the city by August, according to the Streets Department. The lane will also work to open up additional parking. […]

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The Checkup: How Often You Should Wash Your Yoga Pants (Hint: Probably WAY More Than You Do)

• How often are you supposed to wash you your yoga pants, you ask? The answer — once every wear, no excuses — is probably […]

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I Tried It: FairWear’s Wicking Dress Shirt for Bike Commuters

If you’re a bike commuter, you know that your biggest headache isn’t the proliferation of hard-to-see potholes, the treachery of dew-slicked trolley tracks, nor even the […]