City Life

The Peeps Factory Is Opening Its Doors to the Public for the First Time Ever

Good news for those who love sugary, neon-colored, marshmallow birds: Peeps will soon open its factory doors to the public for the first time ever. […]

City Life

Bethlehem Area School District Expands Non-Discrimination Policy to Protect Trans Students and Faculty

On Tuesday night, in the East Hills Middle School Auditorium, the Bethlehem Area School District board voted unanimously to add “gender identity and gender expression” to […]

Things to Do

“Weird Al” Yankovic Coming Near Philly on “Mandatory World Tour”

“Weird Al” Yankovic has been promising a tour for quite some time, and now he’s making good on it. Today he released the dates on […]


Pennsylvania Sports Anchor Punches Man Who Interrupts Live Shot

Earlier this month, the annual Musikfest concert was held in Bethlehem. Headlined by Keith Urban, the 10-day event featured a variety of musical acts (and, […]


Disney to Invest in 20,000 Acres of Woods in Bethlehem

As a way to offset carbon emissions, Disney will invest in 20,000 acres of woods in Bethlehem. The woods surround Bethlehem’s water reservoirs. The Bethlehem […]


Incredibly Smart Guy Gives Incorrect ‘King of Prussia’ Response on Jeopardy

Last night was the third and last semifinal of the Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades tournament, which features Brad Rutter, the pride of Lancaster who […]

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Steel Magnolia

John Callahan, a 44-year-old natural salesman turned preternatural politician, looks down at the small plate of tuna crudo on the table. Fork poised, he considers […]


Bethlehem Is Courting Stone Brewing

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a history in steel but could it have a future in Stone? Stone Brewing is looking to open a brewery east of […]


Worth The Trip

Craig LaBan heads to Bethlehem this week, not following a star but towards Bolette, a New American restaurant in an old Inn. A restaurant that […]