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Hikers, Beware: Ground Wasps Are Nesting in the Wissahickon

The Wissahickon Valley Park is home to all kinds of creatures – coyotes, brown snakes, salamanders, star-nosed moles, toads, deer. And apparently ground wasps. Friends of the […]


Yards Lets You Save Bees While You Get Your Buzz On

Bees, like sharks, are often popularly mischaracterized as evil creatures when really they do a lot of good. Bees pollinate 1 in every 3 bites […]


Honey Themed Dinner at Paradiso

  Paradiso’s rooftop garden is home to vegetables, herbs, and honeybees. 200,000 in fact. And on Wednesday, July 23rd, Chef Lynn Rinaldi, bee expert Don […]


Bee Accident Update: Motorists Warned to Keep Windows Closed, Some Bees Saved

"BEE SWARMS IN AREA" — not a VMB you want to see. 16–20 million released in DE truck wreck. — David July (@mountsutro) […]

City Life

GIFs: Truck Carrying Bees Overturns, Bees Swarm on I-95 On-Ramp

This was the first image shown on the CBS 3 news last night, trumping both primary day and the legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania. […]