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Rittenhouse Apple Store Racially Profiles Black Customers, Says Former Employee

Every day, hundreds of people visit the Rittenhouse Square Apple Store on Walnut Street to check out new products, pick up an emergency charger, or […]

Philly Jesus being arrested at Apple Store

Philly Jesus Arrested at Apple Store

It may not be Holy Thursday, but Jesus got locked up today. Michael Grant — aka Philly Jesus, the former heroin addict-turned-quasi-street preacher — frequently […]


King of Prussia Apple Store Sued Over Employee Security Screenings

With all of the sleek toys and gizmos in stock at the Apple Store, it’s no shocker that the company is vigilant about loss prevention […]


Police Tasered Man After Main Line Apple Store Ran Out of iPhone 6

A typical Saturday morning at the upmarket Suburban Square shopping center just outside of Philadelphia sees well-heeled suburbanites sipping Starbucks Pumpkin Skim Lattes while shopping […]


PHOTO: 13 People Already Lined Up Outside the Apple Store for New iPhones

The latest and greatest iPhone goes on sale tomorrow, and people are excited. It’s a new Apple product! Even if it were a really stupid […]