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5 Decent Median-Priced 2BR Apartments in Philly

According to the latest rent report from the Apartment List search site, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the city of Philadelphia is […]


Rents Rise Modestly Again in July; Renters Give Area Good Marks

Rents for apartments in Philadelphia rose slightly for the sixth straight month in July, climbing 0.3 percent from June levels, according to the latest monthly […]


At Last, More Accurate Rent Data

You may have noticed that this section has not posted monthly data on rent trends in Philadelphia since April. We explained the reason why in […]


Report: Educational and Medical Jobs Help Stabilize Rents and Retail Market

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is a powerhouse in educational and health services – just a quick glance around our thriving metropolis will make this more […]


Rent Report Roundup: Rent Hikes Leveling Off, At Least

The three major apartment search engines all released their monthly rent surveys for February this week, and with one notable exception, they report that rents continued […]


Study Shows Philly’s Having a Hard Time Keeping New Arrivals Here

Depending on the time frame you choose, Philadelphia either just barely misses or just barely makes another top 10 list. And while this list puts […]


Study: For 53 Percent of Philly-Area Residents, The Rent Is Too Damn High

If you’re young, you’ve heard it from your parents. If you’re not, you’ve heard it from your financial adviser. Heck, you’ve probably heard this advice […]