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Eagles leggings
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Philly’s New Athleisure Brand Includes These Awesome Eagles Leggings

We’re going to venture a guess here: For every pair of workout leggings you can’t stop wearing, you probably own at least three more that […]

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You Can Try Acro Yoga on a Stand-Up Paddle Board This Summer

I have now done stand-up paddle board yoga a grand total of twice. The first time, I fell into the water. The second time, I […]

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You Can Take $10 Yoga and Barre Classes at This Old City Studio’s Pre-Summer Party

Because our “spring” weather has been so erm, generally unpleasant, it’s hard to grasp the concept that summer is nearly here. To help build up the […]

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19 Philly Yogis You Should Totally Follow on Instagram

Sometimes, when we’re feeling pretty uninspired for healthy meals or smart workouts, we turn to Instagram for inspiration. And why not? It’s a source of […]

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This Old City Yoga Studio is Adding Barre, Acro Yoga, and Massages to Their Schedule

It certainly seems like a lot of local fitness studios are kind of hitting the “reset” button on things lately: Philly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates […]

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This Man Wants to Acro Yoga Lift 10,000 People, and the Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Everyone has goals. Maybe they’re to lose weight. Maybe they’re to get a promotion. Maybe they’re to finally move out of mom and dad’s basement. Even so, it’s […]