2019 Primary

rochelle bilal sheriff's office sheriff

In a Major Upset, Philly Nominates a Woman for Sheriff for the First Time

For the first time ever — and in a major #MeToo victory — Philly has nominated a woman to head the Sheriff’s Office. Rochelle Bilal, a […]


Kenney Easily Wins Democratic Nomination for Second Term

Get ready for four more years of Mayor Jim Kenney, Philly. Unofficial primary election results are in — and Kenney won the Democratic nomination for mayor in […]

philadelphia primary election problems

Here Are the Philly Primary Election Problems You Should Most Definitely Report

It’s finally here: the 2019 Philadelphia Primary election. And along with the billions of City Council candidates come billions of complaints about what goes down […]

philadelphia primary election

It’s Primary Day in Philadelphia: Here’s What You Need to Know

Odd-year elections are often the middle children of American democracy — especially the primaries. Four years ago, the turnout in this same election was an abysmal […]


Why We Desperately Need to Reform Judicial Elections in Pennsylvania

It’s difficult to imagine a more important role in our community than that of a judge. Judges, especially trial judges, make decisions that shape the […]


Scenes From the Campaign Trail: The Coffee Can of Destiny

The air in City Hall’s Courtroom 676 felt undeniably musty on Wednesday morning. Inside the jam-packed space, officials, would-be officials, and their campaign managers brushed shoulders, sizing […]

vision zero street safety jewelers row

Three Signs Philly Is Getting Serious About Street Safety

Back in 2015, some of us were doubtful that Philadelphia officials would support something like Vision Zero, a Swedish-born concept that cities can prevent traffic […]

jen devor city commissioner run for something

City Commissioner Candidate Picks Up National “Run for Something” Endorsement

On Wednesday, City Commissioner candidate Jen Devor picked up the national endorsement of Run for Something, the progressive political organization that was founded the same […]

hena veit city council candidate

This Pakistan-Born, London-Raised City Council Candidate Has a Striking Backstory

With roughly two and a half months to go until the May 21st primary election, the race for City Council at-large seats is getting notably crowded. Dozens of Philadelphians […]


Five Questions You Should Ask Candidates Before Signing Their Petitions

Next Tuesday, March 12th, is the final deadline for candidates running in Philadelphia’s May 21st primary election to submit their petition signatures to get on […]

mo santana city council philadelphia

Army Vet Turned Democratic Socialist Running for City Council at Large

Among the three dozen or so Philadelphians who have declared that they are running for an at-large City Council seat this year is 38-year-old Moses […]