2017 NFL Draft


NFL Draft in Philly: Unquestionable Success

Some of you guys (cough, cough Victor) took issue with the minor inconveniences that interrupted your otherwise breezy days because we held the NFL Draft […]


NFL Draft Success Proves Philly Is Capable of Bigger, Better

You can just feel the buzz surrounding Philadelphia in the wide world of sports following our overwhelming success as hosts of the NFL Draft along […]


The Best Moment of the NFL Draft: Eagles Fans vs. Drew Pearson

In terms of sports fanaticism, we here in Philadelphia revel in our collective identity as the villains. Sure, our teams have played the role of […]


The Eagles Drafted a Snake Guy

Eagles fourth-round pick Mack Hollins has a major thing for reptiles. The 6’4″ wide receiver keeps two large snakes for pets, and once he even […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Philly Did Philly

Some cities might have been thrown for a loop by all that went on here this week, between the NFL draft, the Penn Relays, and […]


Surprise, Surprise: The NFL Draft Is (So Far) Actually a Good Look for Philly (Mostly)

We did it, Philadelphia. The first round of the NFL Draft went off without a hitch. The league is reporting that nearly 100,000 people visited […]


Teachers to Fly Angry Banner Over NFL Draft

After going 1,300-plus days without a new contract – and still counting – many Philadelphia teachers are pissed. So pissed that some of them raised money […]

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Is the NFL Draft One Big Bust for Philly Tourism?

With the NFL Draft mega-event — sold to us with promises of great exposure, a tourism bump, and a revenue jolt — already underway in Philadelphia, […]


Dear NFL: Take Your Stupid-Ass Draft and Shove It

For months now, I’ve been listening to city VIPs and the kind of guys who spend their free time playing fantasy football go on and […]


Puppies Just Might Make All the NFL Draft Hoopla Worth It

Prefer Puppy Bowl to the Super Bowl? Pissed that you haven’t been able to drive to your house in Fairmount for a week? Or maybe […]


The NFL Draft Explained for the Sports-Indifferent Philadelphian

Just what is this NFL Draft thing that’s been blocking traffic around the Art Museum? Are they really going to be playing football in that […]


ESPN Host Predicts We’ll Be “Raucous, in a Good Way” During NFL Draft

While most Philly sports sufferers would readily claim the existence of a national media bias against our fans, ESPN’s Trey Wingo wants you to know […]


NFL Draft Will Cost Philly $500K

The city will shell out $500,000 for the 2017 NFL Draft Experience coming to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway this month. That’s only a fraction of the […]

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating When the NFL Draft Experience Comes to Philly

You’ve heard that the 2017 NFL draft is being held in Philly, right? You’ve heard that it’s going to be this massive, multi-day party on […]

Russell Byers Charter School , NFL Draft

Charter School Claims It Can’t Operate During the NFL Draft

The 2017 NFL Draft Experience is bringing Philly a slew of street closures and parking restrictions – and apparently it’s prompting a school closure as well. […]