2016 Elections

Ballot question on judicial retirement age

How a GOP-Sponsored Ballot Question Could Help Philly

Next Tuesday, Philadelphia residents will get to vote for president and members of both the U.S. and state Senate and House. They’ll also have to […]


What’s Next for John Fetterman?

I texted my girlfriend while working on an election story Tuesday night. “Who’d you vote for in the Senate race?” I asked her. Her reply […]


The No-Bullshit Guide: 2016 Election’s Biggest Winners and Losers

Oftentimes, elections feel like they’ve been decided by the powers that be before they’re even over. The 2016 primary was different: It was full of genuine nail-biters. At […]


Here’s What You Missed at Last Night’s Lively Town Hall on the Latino Vote

Wednesday night, five politicos sat in a row, most wearing blazers and glasses perched on their noses, fielding questions from a pair of journalists who […]

City Life

Q&A: Brian Sims on the Race for the 182nd District

The race for the 182nd hasn’t been this competitive in years, with four candidates still in the running a month before the primary. What do […]

Ross Feinberg - Donald Trump

Philly Candidate Adopts Trump-Style Message

The press release from the Philadelphia Republican party went into journalists’ email boxes last week. Ross Feinberg, who ran last year for the city’s Register of […]