2016 Democratic Presidential Primary


Swing State Poll: Clinton and Trump Neck-and-Neck in Pa.

A Quinnipiac University poll found the contest between presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump too close to call in Pennsylvania. In Pa., 42 […]


Clinton Wins New Jersey, California

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed a historical victory last night, winning the favor of five of the six states that held contests, including New Jersey and […]

Bernie Sanders - Solidarity is Power

Could Sanders’ Continued Fight Mean Chaos for the Philly DNC in July?

A month ago, Republicans looked primed to have a contentious summer political convention. There were still multiple candidates in the race for president. Donald Trump was […]


Philly Couple Debuts Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Candy

Ah, good old American ingenuity. It brought us the Macintosh computer, the Roomba, and proton therapy. And now, Candidate Candy.

Bernie Sanders - Atlantic City

Bernie on the Boardwalk: Sanders Bashes Trump at Atlantic City Rally

In the building where Donald Trump once held Mike Tyson prizefights and World Wrestling Federation world championship matches, Bernie Sanders spoke before a crowd in […]


Voter Turnout Wasn’t That Bad in the 2016 Primary

Thirty-nine percent of registered voters in Philadelphia went to the polls on Tuesday, according to a preliminary report by City Commissioner Al Schmidt. This year is the first contested […]


Please — Please! — Let This Be the Last Closed Primary in Pennsylvania

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion column from Philadelphia magazine senior reporter Victor Fiorillo. Voters in Pennsylvania are today being asked an important ballot question: […]


Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump at City Hall Rally

Backed by local Democratic leaders past and present, Hillary Clinton held a boisterous, picturesque rally inside the City Hall courtyard a day before Pennsylvania and […]