11th Hour Theatre Company


REVIEW: 11th Hour’s Big Red Sun Leaves Big Lingering Questions

As you are watching Big Red Sun, I recommend you focus on the aspect of it that celebrates American popular music of the 1940s. Georgia Stitt (the […]


Q&A with 11th Hour Theatre’s Michael O’Brien

Last month, 11th Hour Theatre Company scored big at Philadelphia’s Barrymores, taking the award in five categories, including Outstanding Production of a Musical, Outstanding Direction […]


THEATER REVIEW: 11th Hour’s Lizzie Takes a Fresh Whack at a Legendary Story

Did she or didn’t she? That is the (first) question. In 1893, a pleasant-faced, quiet, 32-year-old spinster Sunday school teacher was acquitted by a jury […]


See a Rock Musical Mash-up Tonight Only in Old City

Get two for the price of one when the cast of the upcoming Lizzie joins the cast of JIB for a one-night-only collaboration, tonight at […]


THEATER REVIEW: In 11th Hour’s See What I Wanna See, a Musical Searches for Meaning

Now is the 11th year of 11th hour — and in that decade-plus, we’ve seen a steadily increasing level of mastery and showmanship. When I […]


Factory Girls Offers a Fresh Take on the Industrial Revolution

It doesn’t seem like subject matter for a rock musical: The drudges of the Industrial Revolution are about as far as lyrical as one can […]


DO THIS: Kiss of the Spider Woman

The rise of 11th Hour is one of Philly theatre’s great success stories. Now in their 11th season, they’ve grown from a fledgling group of […]


Philadelphia Under Heat Advisory Today

Prepare yourselves: It’s shaping up to be a uniquely wacky weather day in Philly — and kind of dangerous to boot.


In the Wings: Our Chat With Field Hockey Hot Actress Jennie Eisenhower

The winner of two 2014 Broadway World Awards, Jennie Eisenhower is starring in the upcoming world premiere of Field Hockey Hot with 11th Hour Theatre […]


In the Wings: Chatting with Into The Woods Star Steven Pacek

Philly actor and 11th Hour Theatre Company co-founder Steve Pacek gabs about his killer pie-making skills, meeting Dolly Parton and the thoughtful trinket that foreshadowed his […]