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Winter’s Coming: Here’s How to Stay Powered Up at Home And on the Go

Photo credit: Pete Spiro/Shutterstock

Photo credit: Pete Spiro/Shutterstock

For most Philadelphians, winter signals two kinds of behaviors: 1) riding out the season by retreating to the warmth and comfort of our homes, and 2) skiing the Poconos, snowshoeing through Fairmount Park or sledding down Upper Plantation at Tyler State Park. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on taking part in the mass exodus or staying put and strapping on your snow boots, you need to be prepared. FEMA has rounded up the best tips and strategies to prep for the forthcoming winter months. 

  • Update your home and vehicle emergency kit.
  • Invest in pet-friendly ice/snow melt.
  • Find your shovel and keep it handy. And if don’t have one, get one.
  • Winterize your home. (Psst: NRG Home has some helpful advice for doing that here.)
Photo credit: Andy Earl

Photo credit: Andy Earl

As part of your preparation you may want to consider buying a portable generator to keep things like your phone, laptop, tablet, TV and/or mini-fridge powered up. Yeti generators from Goal Zero are noiseless and fumeless, which means you can use them indoors and easily move them around your house, so there’s no need to go outside in the cold and ice.

Of course, if you don’t plan to seclude yourself come autumn’s end and do want to spend some time in the great outdoors, you can also enlist Goal Zero’s help; they offer a wide variety of portable power products to keep you on the move, instead of tied to an outlet. A Flip 20 charger, for instance, allows you to charge your smartphone from anywhere — no matter if it’s at the top of the lift or on a vigorous cross-country trek.

Goal Zero is a sister company of NRG Home, an electricity supplier that helps power consumers at home and on the go. NRG Home offers a wide array of products and services, including many that are eco-friendly. For example, when customers sign up for NRG Home’s Renewable Plan, they get a suite of Goal Zero products in addition to a 12-month fixed electric supply price and 100% wind-generated energy. The products include a Switch 8 solar recharger, solar panel, flashlight, and solar-powered speaker.*

To learn more about NRG Home and all it offers, please visit nrghomepower.com.

*Limited time offer, available in select utilities. See NRG Home plan pages for full terms and conditions.  Electricity supply prices may be different, including higher, than your utility and savings are not guaranteed.