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Why a 360-Degree Health Care Approach Benefits Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Whether it’s introducing an unlimited leave policy for new parents or offering to ship breast milk for traveling mothers, companies are always thinking of fresh ways to better meet their employees’ needs. And reevaluating your company’s approach to standard benefits is one way to do this.

Bridge2Health from UnitedHealthcare is a model designed to improve employee health. It starts with UnitedHealthcare bundling their medical, dental, vision and financial products, and then pulling the data together to generate a complete health profile for each member. From the health profile, UnitedHealthcare identifies illnesses and other conditions in order to promote meaningful, effective interventions (like recommendations for physicians and treatment) that improve health outcomes and may decrease costs.

What it means for your company: when employees are healthier, your business may see lower costs, less absenteeism and greater productivity. Here are the perks your employees can expect:

  • Members are provided with information, resources and supportat no extra cost.
  • With data from a wide range of benefits, UnitedHealthcare can serve their members’ needs more effectively
  • Members often receive one-on-one counseling to guide them to the kind of care that helps keep costs in check.

So, if you’re looking to reducing employer and employee cost while delivering better quality care, consider the dramatic cost savings potential of Bridge2Health – a streamlined service that not only provides real savings, but also real health results.

For more information about Bridge2Health and UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plans, click here.