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Moving Forward: What the Future of Luxury Means for the Auto Industry

Photo Credit: Holman Lincoln

When the auto industry first started getting its footing, owning an automobile meant the freedom to travel with the wind in your hair and nothing but a printed map at your side. Ford promised speed, Buick appealed to family-centric drivers, and since its 1917 inception, Lincoln promised luxury.

A lot has changed since the early days of auto, but that promise stuck. And as the idea of luxury evolves, so does Lincoln’s offerings. Today, luxury means:

Service when — and where — you need it.
A lot can happen in four years or 50,000 miles. For wear and tear or required maintenance needs, Lincoln has you covered. With remote vehicle delivery, you can schedule a day and time to take your vehicle to be serviced and leave the taking part to someone else. Lincoln Black Label members receive remote vehicle delivery so that your vehicle can be fine-tuned, washed and delivered back to you at no charge or hassle.

And an extra lift when you need it, too.
So that you’re not left stranded while your vehicle is getting the bells and whistles treatment, Lincoln Black Label members are provided with a temporary vehicle to accommodate any necessary travel needs, delivered straight to your door.

New culinary experiences, offered nationwide.
Lincoln Black Label members receive sought-after dining experiences from culinary masters across the states. Take your pick from a curated list of offerings from Philadelphia to Costa Mesa, and everywhere in between. For a full list of restaurant options (think the Capital Grille, Eddie Merlot’s and Isabella Restaurant and Bar) visit lincoln.com. For reservations, call your Culinary Concierge at 1-844-685-5330.

Complimentary vacation car rentals.
Unfortunately, you can’t bring your Lincoln with you everywhere you go. For the times when you just can’t pack it, there’s Avis Car Rentals’ President’s Club, an invite-only service that’s complimentary for all Lincoln Black Label members. Go ahead, pick up a rental vehicle in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Orlando or Atlanta and enjoy seven days of exploration for exactly $0.

Roadside assistance for life.
While coasting down the highway isn’t so bad when you’re riding in style, getting where you need to go is important. If you need assistance while on the road, be it directions, help with a flat tire or lockout, or a battery or gas refuel, you, Lincoln Black Label member, are covered.

Today, we want cars that drive themselves. We want five-star dinners delivered to our door. We want reliable and quick service, no matter the hour, place or issue. And today, we can have it. Today, luxury means what it’s always meant –Lincoln.

For more information on Lincoln, visit holmanlincolnmapleshade.com.