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Vote Now for the Best Real Philly Deli Sandwich—(Plus, Six Sammies that Seriously Bring the Heat)

Hoagies have been a staple of the Philly food scene for generations. But just like all other food groups, hoagies have trends — and this year’s is hot hot hot. We mean that literally. The spicy sandwich is expected to reign supreme this summer and we’ve got an overview of the biggest contenders showcasing their spice for the Dietz & Watson Best Real Philly Deli Sandwich Faceoff.

But Dietz & Watson needs your help, hoagie connoisseurs. They’re asking YOU to vote for your favorite spicy hot hoagie (or choose from the other twelve in the running!). Click here to cast your vote and read on to see why the spice of these six sandwiches is oh so nice:


The Flame

Why it’s hot: Dietz & Watson Roasted Chicken Breast is layered with spicy Pepper Jack Cheese and 3J’s signature spicy chipotle mayo. Watch out, it’ll bite your tongue!

Where to find it: 3J’s Food Market, 801 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia PA

Backstory: The mastermind behind this culinary crusade is none other than 3J’s owner, Joko. The self-proclaimed heat lover wanted to spice up his sammies to cater to his own preferences. But by adding avocado to cut the spice, chef Joko has appealed to the masses.

The Raging Cajun Buffalo Bacon

Why it’s hot: Dietz & Watson Spicy buffalo chicken paired with Bacon Ranch Cheddar Cheese and homemade Cajun mayo will leave your taste buds tingling.

Where to find it: T&F Farmer’s Pride, 8101 Ridge Street, Philadelphia PA

Backstory: In an effort to step out of the norm or “give me the usual,” the folks at T&F Farmer’s Pride challenged themselves to break from tradition and test out fun, new flavorful combos. The sandwich is the perfect blend of smooth and delicious deli selects with a kick of spicy that will satisfy any sandwich lover.

Italian with the Works

Why it’s hot: A plethora of Dietz & Watson products are piled onto a fresh Amoroso roll—Provolone, Pepper Ham, Capocolla, Salami, and Genoa Salami—before being topped by cracked black pepper, oregano and hot cherry peppers.

Where to find it: Olde City Market, 202 Market Street, Philadelphia PA

Backstory: The folks at Olde City Market have been proud to serve customers their signature Italian hoagie since they opened in 1988. In the thirty plus years of preparation, they’ve gotten a lot of practice and a lot of variations perfecting their old faithful. The newest form is packed with an impeccable amount of meat and heat.

Addy’s Hot Chicken Sandwich

Why it’s hot: Packed and prepared with Southern flair, this sandwich is built with Southern Fried Chicken lunchmeat from Dietz & Watson, Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese and a special Sriracha aioli.

Where to find it: Marinucci’s, 2852 St. Vincent Street, Philadelphia PA

Backstory: Named after co-owner, Chris Klos’ daughter, Adalynn, the “Addy” has been keeping hungry customers happy for a while now, thanks to its double spice combo — buffalo sauce and Sriracha! Think you can handle this much heat?

Buffalo Chicken Caesar Hoagie

Why it’s hot: Spicy Dietz & Watson Buffalo Chicken is coated in a creamy layer of Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese. This hot that you can handle combo is perfect for the novice heat eater.

Where to find it: DJ Shell Sunoco, 1100 East Ridge Pike, Norristown PA

Backstory: Each year the sandwich wizards at DJ Sunoco whip up a new creation to surprise and delight their faithful customers. After going all in with Italian hoagies last year, they knew they needed to mix things up. They decided on inventing a never-before-seen concoction blending buffalo chicken and Caesar salad. Behold — The Buffalo Chicken Caesar Hoagie.

The Godfather Sandwich

Why it’s hot: This offer you can’t refuse is comprised of a mound of Dietz & Watson Italian meats like Capocolla, Genoa, Soppressata and Prosciutto, before it’s topped with sharp Provolone and a layer of roasted red hot peppers.

Where to find it: Deli on 4th, 326 Fayette Street, Conshohocken PA

Backstory: The ultimate Philly hoagie story — this hero of a hoagie has been passed down generation to generation from each owner for the past 40 years. It’s been beloved by hoagie eaters of all ages for four decades.


Find your favorite? To cast your vote in Dietz & Watson’s Best Real Philly Deli Sandwich Faceoff of 2018, click here.