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These 5 Wedding Trends Can Help You Have the Day of Your Dreams

Courtesy of Laura Caporizzo

If you’re a recently engaged couple or thinking about getting married, you probably know planning a wedding comes with a mile-high to-do list. The most important decision you’ll make, of course, is picking the perfect venue to host your big day. If you’re in the Philly area and looking to tie the knot, you can’t go wrong with Springfield Country Club, an open-to-the-public one-stop shop for all your wedding needs.

Because of their expertise, Springfield Country Club staff are always on top of the latest wedding trends. Here are some of the must-haves to keep in mind when planning your wedding — and how Springfield Country Club can help you hit the mark every step of the way.

On-Site Wedding Ceremonies

Springfield Country Club has wedding packages to help you design the wedding of your dreams. These packages include options for a five-hour open bar, a complimentary wedding night stay at its 101-room onsite Marriott Courtyard hotel, an onsite event coordinator and tons more.

And as more and more couples decide to have their wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, options like Springfield Country Club are ideal since they can host your pre- and post-wedding activities. There’s no one right answer when it comes to deciding whether to have an indoor or outdoor ceremony — it’s up to you. Regardless of your choice, Springfield Country Club has plenty of options. That includes a romantic gated outdoor gazebo and garden space complimented by seasonal foliage and a stone walkway as part of its outdoor offerings. Or, if you’d prefer to keep your ceremony indoors, Springfield Country Club’s interior banquet rooms can fit all different styles — a canvas for you to shape however you desire.

First-Looks Before the Ceremony

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Holding your reception and ceremony at the same place is one way to eliminate headaches during your wedding day. That way, your “first looks” — when you first see your significant other in their wedding attire — can be at your ceremony venue. You can also stage photos with your wedding party at this location to keep the backdrop consistent and take your places for the ceremony shortly after. Springfield Country Club works with couples in coordination with their wedding photographer to make sure they get all the first look and wedding party photos they need. Even better: by getting married on-site and taking pictures beforehand, you can enjoy your cocktail hour right after you say “I do.”

Elaborate Signature Cocktails for a Reception to Remember

Courtesy of Regina Nurk

What you eat and drink is a big part of your wedding reception. Lately, couples have been curating their own signature cocktails with creative and personalized ingredients. To kick off your reception with a bang, Springfield Country Club offers a Maître d’-assisted gourmet cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres. Plus, its culinary team led by its executive chef works with couples to provide plenty of main course food options around the time of your reception and different dietary restrictions. Choose from plated, buffet or station-style dinners, as well as coffee, tea service and other dessert add-ons.

Elegant Draping Sets the Mood

Courtesy of Krista Patton

What your guests see at your venue is as important as what they’re eating. Lately, couples have opted to incorporate draping into their wedding venue decor, shifting from the usual greens and florals to billowy textiles to create a romantic and elegant backdrop.

Keeping the Fun Going with an Afterparty

Courtesy of Clair Pruett

Who says that your wedding day has to end when the reception is over? A wedding after party is more popular than ever — in fact, 2021 has even been called “the year of the after party.”

If you want to extend your wedding reception beyond coat checks and an extra drink at the bar, Springfield Country Club has you covered. Its on-site Tavola Restaurant & Bar is a short walk from its reception venues. There, you’ll find live music, DJs on the weekends and semi-private fire pit lounge areas overlooking the golf course. Upon request, the restaurant can even whip up something fun and homey for you and your guests like cheesesteak egg rolls or brick oven pizza. And because of the club’s onsite hotel, guests who opt out are able to head off to bed, taking in the great time they’ve had celebrating your big day.

For more information on planning a trendy wedding to remember at Springfield Country Club, visit springfieldcc.net/weddings.