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The Face of Comfortable Dental Care: Rachel Dorfner, DMD

Dr. Rachel Dorfner dedicates her career to providing the most comprehensive dental care available. Through integrating digital and traditional techniques, her private practice provides top-of-the-line, quality dental care using the latest technology and treatment protocols. Dr. Dorfner’s commitment to understanding her patients and making them feel comfortable throughout their appointments sets her apart. “I try to foster that welcoming atmosphere where people can feel comfortable,” she says. ”I always tell my patients that I’m here to help, I’m not here to judge.” Dr. Dorfner’s goal with each patient is to provide them with the resources and treatment needed to find their smile again.

For more information: Dorfner Dental Studio | 811 Sunset Road, Suite 105, Burlington Township, NJ | 609-479-3757 | dorfnerdentalstudio.com

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