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The Face of Cause-Based Floral Designs: Colleen Brennan

Giving back to their community was always a part of Colleen Brennan and her husband’s life. However, their “how and why” to give back changed when their daughter was born with Down Syndrome. When Katie was a toddler, they would stroll around town dreaming about running a retail business in the borough of West Chester where Katie and other individuals with special needs could work. They always hoped to provide an opportunity to give Katie independence and purpose, however, they never expected so many people—especially brides—to embrace their vision of a cause-based business supporting people with special needs.

All parents envision the future of their kids, but for parents of kids with special needs, thinking about the future can bring more questions than answers. After a 29-year corporate career at a Malvern-based mutual fund company, Colleen decided to retire and focus on turning their dream into a reality. Through a dear friend (now her business partner), she learned of an opportunity to purchase a well-established flower shop with a fantastic tenured staff. It seemed too good to be true: a turnkey shop with a great reputation and years of experience working with brides, wedding planners and venues from Center City to the Jersey Shore.

Now two years into their venture, the mission is thriving. More than half of the team are individuals with special needs, and the shop’s legacy staff is so very proud to be a part of the unique and inclusive environment. Kati Mac employees say they love working with flowers because flowers make them happy. Providing purpose to individuals with special needs and bringing joy through flowers to their customers has been a beautiful marriage.

Kati Mac Floral Designs, 36 South High Street, West Chester, PA | 610-431-9414 | katimacfloraldesigns@gmail.com.

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