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Summer Secrets in Organic Gardening


Flowers and veggies may have been planted back in late spring, but they really need TLC throughout the entire summer. Managing what’s in the ground doesn’t just promote growth for greens: It’s also a chance for you to get some fresh air, a little bit of exercise, and all of those free therapeutic benefits that come with getting your hands down in the dirt.

One way to keep your gardens healthy is to maintain the mulch thickness to conserve moisture and keep the soil temperature cool underneath. Shoot for two to four inches of mulch, which is the amount needed to drastically decrease evaporation. (Tip: Don’t forget to water the beds first to preserve as much moisture as possible.) A fresh layer of mulch will also help to prevent weeds and boost the overall soil quality.

Another way to spoil that soil is by adding in grass clippings, leaves, and other forms of compost. Don’t sweat it if you’re a compost rookie: Heaps or piles of everyday kitchen scraps like raw fruit, veggie peelings, crushed egg shells, and tea or coffee grounds will naturally enhance nutrients and improve water-retaining ability. The main purpose of these organic fertilizers is to boost a plant’s health, but some may even ward off pesky insects, too. (Tip: And if you find yourself with too much compost on your hands, here is a list of businesses in the city that will come pick it up.)

Organic gardening is a great way to get healthy and stay active during the summer months.  Learn how Independence Blue Cross can be a part of your plan for health and wellness.


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