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The Stella Artois Airstream Returns! Check It Out (And So Much More) at the Best of Philly Soirée

It’s back! Serving up award-winning food and live entertainment, the Best of Philly Soirée hits Dilworth Park on August 3 with the return of the Stella Artois airstream.

Take a seat at one of the surrounding tables and enjoy a classic Stella Artois or refreshing Stella Artois Cidre. Watch the draught masters employ their nine-step pouring method, perfected over 600 years in Belgium. Be sure to grab a keepsake for the evening and pose for a pic at the nearby photo booth.

As an added bonus, VIP ticketholders will receive drinks in signature Stella Artois chalices to enjoy in the special Mercedes-Benz VIP lounge. All VIP ticketholders are also granted early entry to the event at 5:30 p.m.

Don’t miss your chance to check out the Stella Artois airstream in person and enjoy the best eats and entertainment in the city. Buy your VIP or general admission ticket here!