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Small Business Owners Rejoice! It Looks Like Health Care Premiums are Dropping

Photo credit: iStock/BernardaSv

Photo credit: iStock/BernardaSv

In the never-ending series of hurdles that small business owners navigate, employee health insurance has proven to be one of the biggest. Too often it seems like costs go up each year while benefits go down, making it more and more difficult to make bottom line goals and keep employees happy.

But it looks like change is on the horizon.

UnitedHealthcare is reducing rates for all fully insured small businesses in the five-county Philadelphia metro area by 10 percent* in 2017 while others are raising rates as much as 32 percent. The rate reduction is available to businesses with 50 or fewer employees, allowing small businesses access to more than 12,000 doctors and the top 10 local hospitals.

Currently, the only major health insurance carrier in the area planning rate reductions for 2017, UnitedHealthcare offers gold and platinum plans at lower prices, eliminating the debate between keeping within budget or keeping employees happy.

Don’t belong to UnitedHealthcare? No worries. Switching carriers is easy with the UnitedHealthcare Sales Automation Management (SAM) system, which helps you or your broker compare different products and prices and help make the transition seamless.

Find a plan that suits you, your employees and your business by contacting UnitedHealthcare today at 1-877-232-8821 or call your broker.

*Based on all fully insured, 1-50 group rates for 1/1/17, in Bucks, Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties.

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