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4 Things To Look For When Picking The Perfect Preschool

Photo credit: The Malvern School

Photo credit: The Malvern School

From tears to fears, the first day of school is never quite as seamless as you hoped it would be. The only thing tougher than getting through day one is finding the place you’ll start your child’s education. Cue your own tears and fears….

“It was a huge decision,” says Nichole B., parent of a student at The Malvern School. Nichole, like so many parents, was scheduling tour after tour of preschools looking for the perfect place to send her daughter before she found the perfect fit for her three-year-old. Save yourself (and your toddler) from endless tours and empty promises, Nichole’s insider tips are the honest factors parents need to take into account before signing little ones up for preschool.

There’s a Strong Curriculum

Building an education starts by laying a strong foundation. Dozens of preschools lead with the fact they have a structured curriculum, but only a select few can pride themselves on a program that inspires children to reach their full potential in, and out, of the classroom.

“What I like about The Malvern School was that their curriculum wasn’t boxed. Their program was more individualized.”

A “fun way of teaching” means a “fun way of learning.” Nichole liked that The Malvern School students are not confined to a desk in a classroom all day—they learn hands-on how to use technology, see science in action, and the importance of staying physically active during the day.

People You Trust Are in Charge

This is the first time your child is going to be away from home–and eight to 10 hours isn’t just a short time apart. That’s why it’s crucial that you trust the school and teachers your child spends the day with. Nichole and her husband were diligent researchers when it came to educating themselves on a school’s curriculum, but at the end of the day, they say the defining moment came when they heard three words: “open door policy.”

“It’s never easy to drop off your child and walk away,” says Nichole. “But knowing that I could go check on her whenever I needed to gave me that peace of mind.”

Your Child Feels Safe

It should go without saying that every preschool you tour meets the national health and safety standards, but the real standouts will aim higher than what is expected. The Malvern School’s commitment to their National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation standards ensures each school provides students with a healthy, safe learning environment with a committed faculty who are well trained and have access to top-quality teaching materials.

“I think kids are really intuitive and they know where they’re going to be safe and where they’re going to have a good time,” says Nichole.

Knowing her little girl was in a healthy, safe environment that she loved made The Malvern School an obvious choice for Nichole. Plus, the school system is privately owned and routinely visited to make sure it adheres to high standards across each location, no matter which location she chose she knew her daughter would be in a safe environment.

You’re Given Daily Reports

It’s more than a little difficult to get a detailed synopsis of a three-year-old’s day from a three-year-old. Nichole and her husband were looking for a program and a place that would keep them in the loop on what their daughter accomplished each day.

“We were looking for a scenario where we would know a little bit more about what is going on in our daughter’s life when we were away from her,” says Nichole.

Daily reports, like those generated by the Tadpoles Communication System at The Malvern School, are sent to parents daily and are super helpful for those parents who want to help their child retain what they learned in the classroom once they’re home. The reports provide daily information including class lessons and activities, reminders and announcements, notes on your individual child’s progress, and photos of the fun and learning!

Nichole’s tips are just the beginning. When it comes to finding your child’s preschool, visiting is the best way to know you’ve found your child’s home away from home.

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