Philadelphia Zoo’s Zoo360 Trails Provide Animals More Room to Roam (Plus More Ways for Visitors to See ‘Em)

by metrocorp | June 15, 2016 1:11 pm

In Philadelphia, warm weather signals a slew of summer-worthy activities: water ice, lounging at the Shore, and a mass exodus to Philadelphia Zoo. Trips to the world-class attraction[1] are a year-round activity, to be sure, but something about long, leisurely days and cloudless skies always prompts us to visit the zoo’s newest members — and catch up with longtime favorites. (Hi, guys[2]!) 

The latest extension of Zoo360 to catch our attention? Meerkat Maze[3]. Part of Zoo360 (we’ll hit on that in a minute), the exhibit is a collection of paths and mazes that encourage playful meerkats to safely roam and socialize. But Meerkat Maze is just the newest addition to Zoo360[4], a campus-wide trail system that provides a variety of animals more room to explore, as well as unprecedented vantage points.

The first-of-its-kind attraction has expanded several times since its debut in 2011, and remains a must-see. The paths offer animals more room to explore, new vantage points for visitors and make for healthier, happier animals.

To take in the entire Zoo360 experience (and see as many felines and primates as possible!), you’ll want to go in with a game plan. First, download Zoo360insider[5] available in the app store. It allows you to purchase admission tickets and membership to Philadelphia Zoo, save and upload photos, share animal locations and scope out your favorite animals on any Zoo360 trail. Here’s a handy breakdown of the other four trails that make up Zoo360 to get you started:

For more information about Zoo360 or planning a trip to Philadelphia Zoo, click here[11].

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