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Best Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2021

Life is always changing. It’s unpredictable. It can catch you by surprise during the most inopportune moments. Unresolved thoughts can lead to restless nights, filled with tossing and turning. Occasionally, we may wake up only to face anxious mornings. On days like these our thoughts can consume all our focus and attention. As we all know, this level of stress can negatively influence relationships. Most of our friends and family are there for us to lean on, but if it’s all we talk about it can become overwhelming. On the other hand, it may even cause us to distance ourselves from others, which always makes matters worse.

Having real, trustworthy guidance to turn to feels like a welcome oasis when we’re parched in the middle of an unforgiving desert. Online psychics may not have worked for you previously, but that’s only because like with any product or service, some unverified and untrustworthy brands have tainted the industry. However, turning to a verified psychic can help restore your confidence, improve insight into your situation, and most importantly provide the guidance you need to move forward with life. 

There are several different types of psychics, each gifted in a way all their own. And the topics you can inquire about are nearly endless. You may be facing a fork in the road with a relationship or career choice and need a gentle nudge in the right direction to keep you from stagnating. You may be facing a difficult situation with a partner that requires some divine guidance. You may have even lost a family heirloom that you need help finding! Whatever your need, there is a psychic who is gifted with the ability to help you.

Our Short List: Top 3 Breakdown

  1. KeenBest Overall 
  2. KasambaIndustry Veterans
  3. MysticSense—Good Reviews

Online Psychic Reading Sites—Brand Reviews

1. Keen—Best Overall

If your mind is filled with “what if” scenarios, and you’re not sure which direction to take, a psychic from Keen can help you navigate your current situation. It doesn’t matter what kind of information you’re looking for, there’s someone who can assist in your self-discovery journey. You can inquire about your career path, your relationships, and even about money and receive a nonjudgmental, thorough reading that shines the light on future possibilities.

To connect with a psychic who has the answers you seek, there are three simple steps to follow: 

  1. Select your preferred psychic from Keen’s network.
  2. Choose your method of communication (phone, email, or chat).
  3. Get all the juicy details about the topic you’re inquiring about.

Keen’s network of psychics is composed of gifted individuals from all over the world who are ready to provide you with a reading any time of day or night. Search by subject, psychic abilities, or psychic tools and see your psychic’s photo, read their short introduction, and review their pricing for different services. From their profile page, you can read through their qualifications, review their phone schedule, and look through previous client reviews.


  • No membership fees and free introductory minutes
  • Screened and verified psychics
  • 24/7 access to psychics
  • Email, chat, or phone options
  • No prepayment necessary


  • Only 3 free minutes

Learn more at Keen.com

2. Kasamba—Industry Veteran

Kasamba focuses on complete customer satisfaction. They back up this promise with a guarantee that if for any reason, your chosen psychic ends up not being a good match, you can end your meeting right away and contact customer service. All it takes is a few minutes to recognize when you and another person don’t jive, so they trust that you know what you’re talking about when you choose to end a reading early. They will turn around and credit you for those first five minutes so you can redirect your attention to someone you feel truly comfortable speaking with.  

They also encourage savings by offering introductory packages to all their new customers, which includes a discounted rate with 15 percent off the standard price. Their website is super user friendly. All you have to do is select a psychic from their homepage or browse by category, advisor type or price. Each psychic has a featured photo and quick summary of the categories they specialize in, the language(s) they speak and their credentials. They also list their price per minute and advise if they offer any free minutes to new visitors. Finally, you can see how many years of experience they have, what their astrological sign is, and whether they’re available or unavailable. When you click on their full profile, you can learn more about the psychic, schedule an appointment with them, and read reviews from their previous readings.


  • Free daily horoscope and access to astrology articles
  • 3 minutes free with selected psychics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Save big with introductory offers
  • Customer service available 24/7


  • A bit expensive

Learn more at Kasamba.com

3. MysticSense—Good Reviews 

MysticSense offers readings that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking out guidance when making an important decision or require a prediction for a future event, their psychic readings are tailored to you and delivered by some of the best psychic professionals available. They provide tarot card readings, spiritual readings, astrology and love readings for those important answers to the most urgent questions. Whatever it is you’re dealing with, you’re sure to find a compatible psychic who has answers.

Each of the psychics on MysticSense’s website is vetted carefully, as they must undergo a thorough checking process and keep his or her services in accordance with their stringent guidelines. This process ensures that any psychic you connect with on their site is not only well qualified, but also has sufficient experience under their belt. They work hard to ensure they have a variety of psychics available, so you can always find exactly the type of guidance you need. Whether you want a tarot reading or someone to help you glean insight about your love life, there is a knowledgeable psychic available to help you. Every psychic listed on this website has the energy-reading abilities to assist you with matters of the heart and matters that require supernatural foresight for careful decision making.

At one time, finding a local psychic whose location you could visit was the only way to get a reliable reading. The internet has changed that, allowing you to get the guidance you need from the comfort of home. Plus, you get to choose the person you work with and don’t have to rely solely on your local psychic. If you’ve been unsure or nervous to ask a psychic your burning questions and have held yourself back from having to meet someone in person, this is a great way to get the answers you need with ease. You can use your laptop, tablet or phone to connect quickly and securely and your entire reading can be completed via chat, phone or video. You decide how to connect with your chosen psychic and how brief or long your session is.


  • You’re in control of the length of the session
  • Customers reviews are readily available
  • Multiple psychic and reading types available
  • 5 free minutes and phone, chat and video options
  • Each psychic has recent reviews


  • Newer, less history in the industry

Learn more at MysticSense.com

What Are The Different Types Of Psychics?


Mediums claim to specialize in connecting with souls who have crossed over. They aim to serve as the bridge between the seen and the unseen to provide you with the ability to better process your grief and gain closure after a loved one has passed. While the common understanding is that mediums “speak with the dead,” they operate from a different perspective. They often claim to be simply intuitive and sensitive enough to feel, hear and sometimes see information that is communicated by spiritual beings on the other side.


A clairvoyant is defined as one who foresees future events without having any information from which to even make an educated guess. Their intuition is purportedly visual, gifted to them by a power greater than themselves. Once they are gifted with a vision, they are able to relay this information to you.


Clairaudience refers to the ability to receive intuitive audible messages from the spirit world. Those who are clairaudient may receive messages in a variety of ways, from simple words to phrases and sentences to music or other sounds. Their intuition may vary—sometimes they feel as though the sounds are inside their heads and other times may feel that the sounds are coming from someone standing right next to them.


Clairsentients use their feelings to intuit the world around them. They claim to be gifted with the ability to sense energy around them; it’s a more advanced gift than intuition. They can decipher meanings through tuning into the vibrations, energies and emotions around them. Their messages come through in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they describe it as memories being injected into their minds and they’re able to catch a glimpse; other times they may rely on sounds, tastes and their own feelings.

Remote Viewer

A remote viewer seeks to obtain verifiable information about a distant location without the use of their physical senses or any physical tools. It is often compared to clairvoyance, as the information obtained seems to come out of nowhere, as if out of thin air. In keeping with that analogy, when you perceive the air around you, it seems like empty space. However, from a remote viewer’s perspective, that space is charged with electromagnetic information (something as simple as your Wi-Fi signal). Remote viewers develop their ability by reducing the noise of their busy minds and tuning into these seemingly invisible sources of information.


A channeler is defined as someone who uses their psychic ability to facilitate communication between humans and other entities, like angels, non-physical beings and even pets. A channeler serves a purpose similar to that of a translator or interpreter. Their abilities require they clear their minds sufficiently to intuit the non-verbal communication being presented and then translate it into human words for you. Channelers can choose who they communicate with and so long as all parties involved consent to the communication, channelers can create the link and begin channeling.

Automatic Writer (Psychography)

Automatic writers produce written words without intentional, conscious writing. Instead, psychography is produced when the automatic writer’s attention is elsewhere. This can be through an induced trance state or even in a waking state. Automatic writers generally produce poetry excerpts, words that are seemingly unrelated, well-organized prose and even obscenities. 


Empaths describe themselves as incredibly sensitive psychics who have an uncanny ability to sense what others are feeling and thinking. Often, empaths can become overwhelmed because they literally feel the emotions of others and can easily take on the problems of others if they are not protecting themselves. Empaths figuratively step into your world and help you understand your own feelings and emotions, as well as help guide you toward solutions to your problems.

What Subjects Can I Inquire About?

Love and Relationships

This is a popular topic and for good reason. Love and relationships can suck the life right out of you if you’re with the wrong partner, and when you’re in love, the rose-colored glasses can keep you from seeing the truth of a situation that may not serve you. It makes sense to ask for clarity and guidance in your love life, as you invest so much time and effort into them and deserve to know when your match is helpful and welcome on your path.


Career is another popular topic that many seek out psychics for. Similar to love and relationships, career paths take a lot of time, energy and effort. Asking for and receiving divine guidance as you move toward a preferred career or have to decide whether to take a promotion or start an entrepreneurial journey is like taking a mystical look into tomorrow so you can make a sound decision today.


When you are in a state of worry and confusion and have no idea what direction to take, you feel like the world moves all around you while you stand still. A life path reading can give you the insight you need to recognize the purpose of your life and the destiny that awaits you. Having this gentle nudge when you’ve stagnated helps you move forward and make decisions in alignment with your life’s purpose, which in turn, allows you to flow with ease in the world.

Money and Finances

Just before you make a big financial decision like purchasing a car, a home or investing in a business, you may be inundated with doubt that leaves you wondering if you’re making the right choice. A money and finances reading helps you put things into perspective and provides you with the insight you need to either be more cautious as you move forward or dive in with divine confidence because you believe your financial decisions are aligned with your destined path.


Sometimes your pet may be displaying unusual behavior that you can’t get to the bottom of. You could have run all physical tests, checked around your home and come up short. You can enhance your pet’s overall health and wellbeing by speaking with a pet psychic who communicates with your pet and lets you know what’s really going on. Sometimes, a pet psychic is a welcome assistant for no particular reason, other than wanting to know what your pet is thinking.

Past Life

If you’ve ever experienced déjà vu, you know how eerie the sensation feels. Oftentimes, it leaves you wondering why a situation or person you’ve never encountered fills you with a feeling of familiarity. These moments may just be glimpses into a past life. If you’ve ever considered the possibility of reincarnation, you may be curious to know more about your past life. In fact, looking back into the life you previously held helps you understand your present. Since your past affects your future, knowing what occurred can help you resolve current issues. Sometimes, we carry traumas and fears over that we don’t need in this lifetime. Knowing where they originated can help you release the burden and move forward with more confidence.

Deceased Loved Ones

Receiving a message from a loved one who crossed over to the other side can bring massive relief and comfort to your own soul. Not only does this communication affirm that death is only a transition, but your loved one gets to offer you solace from a place of peace where they no longer experience the pain of this physical world. It is especially beneficial when the loss is tragic and sudden, and many things are left unsaid. Knowing your loved one is safe, that he or she forgives you and loves you, and hasn’t left your side can help you heal from the grips of grief.

Lost Objects

When you lose something important, you may not even think to work with a psychic to help you recover the missing item. But psychics aim to tap into your subconscious, which is where all your memories are stored. Recall is often limited in your conscious mind, and if you can’t seem to quiet your mind long enough to remember just where you left an item, you can turn to a psychic to help you! Psychics may employ several abilities or tools to help you locate your lost item, including clairvoyance, clairaudience and even pendulums hovered over a map.

Missing Persons

Often referred to as psychic detectives, psychics may assist in crime investigation by using their extra-sensory abilities to locate missing persons. Sometimes these psychics employ postcognition, which is supernatural insight into past events. They may also use psychometry, telepathy and remote viewing to assist with missing persons cases.

Spiritual Guides

Throughout your life, you may notice distinct moments during which you feel like you had some kind of supernatural protection. It could be something as obvious as narrowly missing a car accident or receiving a sum of money you didn’t expect. According to some, these events are orchestrated by your spirit guides who have been assigned to you for your guidance and protection. A spiritual guide psychic reading aims to introduce you to your spiritual guides, allowing you to meet the disincarnate spirits that are always in service to your greatest good. From here, you can form a better relationship with them and access them with reverence throughout the rest of your life.

How Are Online Psychic Readings Conducted?

Online psychic readings are super convenient and can be accessed through a variety of ways, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Readings via Phone—Simply hop on the line with your chosen psychic and get to asking all those burning questions.
  • Readings via Online Chat—If you prefer written communication, opt for an online chat.
  • Readings via Video—If you like the personal touch of video, simply request a video chat to connect with your preferred psychic.
  • Readings via Email—When you have the questions but not the time, submit your inquiry to a psychic and request a reading via email.

What Tools Do Psychics Use For Readings?

Tarot cards—a deck of (usually between 44 to 80 cards; most commonly a total of 78) cards that contains its own stories, symbol and images. Although the imagery changes across different decks, they tend to have similar messaging which adds a sense of uniformity to this type of deck.

Astrology—the study of how the cosmos, including planets and stars, may affect the lives of human beings.

Numerology—considered a type of universal language that reveals information about individuals and the world. It is essentially the study of numbers as a foundational element of existence.

Crystals—are used to enhance psychic abilities, to invoke healing energy and to shift energy by opening, balancing or strengthening specific frequencies. The color, minerals and shapes of crystals all play a vital role in a crystal’s function.

Oracle cards—a deck of cards that has a freer flow than the structured elements of tarot cards. The total number of cards exists within a wider range of 12 cards to 100 cards. They do not contain a particular theme and vary wildly across different decks. This deck is deemed attractive because it provides insight on a grander scale.

Runes—means mystery and is part of an oracle reading system used for psychic readings. These objects are made with different materials, often stone, and are imprinted with a symbol from the runic alphabet.

I-Ching—an ancient divination text used by psychics to derive a specific meaning they then interpret for you.

Pendulum—used to access intuition and can answer simple yes and no questions through movement. It is meant to amplify your higher self for messages to be received.

No tools—some psychics prefer to do readings without the use of any tools and simply tune into the energy around them. They may try to connect with spirit guides and deceased loved ones through their abilities and choose to deliver messages that way.

How Accurate Are Online Psychic Readings?

Your psychic should be both qualified and experienced. This is why it’s important to seek out a psychic who is well vetted and shares their qualifications and experience openly. The legitimacy of your chosen psychic is ultimately the tell-tale sign that can determine how accurate your reading is.

Some may question whether a tarot card reading, for example, can still be accurate when the client isn’t able to personally shuffle the cards. However, there’s actually an upside to doing this online! When you’re riddled with questions and overwhelmed by doubt and confusion, for some psychics, your energy can be erratic, with an inconsistent output that may affect the clarity of the reading. But online, your psychic can calmly tune in and deliver a message that isn’t affected by your personal chaos.

What Should I Ask During My Psychic Reading?

You can take a couple different approaches to your psychic reading. It can be a bit overwhelming when the door to the answers you seek is finally opened and they’re here to help! Below are some suggestions you can consider before moving forward with your reading:

General Reading

Sometimes, you don’t have a specific issue that feels like a thorn in your side. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a good candidate for a psychic reading! Simply, the set of questions you ask are a lot more general and the answers you receive provide guidance on a broader scale. Try asking questions like:

  • What insight would be helpful for my life at this moment?
  • What advice would be most helpful for me as I move forward in life?
  • What type of energy do you perceive around me?

Love Reading

If you’re single or in a relationship (or torn between two lovers) a love reading can help you get the insight you need to see your present circumstances and your future more clearly. Try asking questions like:

  • Which path in my love life leads to the highest good for all?
  • What important information should I know about my current partner?
  • What must I focus on prior to meeting my ideal life partner?

Career Reading

Career, like love, is a heavy topic that involves a lot of your time, focus and energy. It’s only natural for you to have questions about your career path. If you’re just venturing out or have been focused on the same career for decades, it is incredibly refreshing to get more clarity in this area of your life. Try asking questions like:

  • What important information should I know about my career path?
  • In what areas should I grow to advance in my career?
  • Am I maximizing my usefulness in my chosen career path?

Health Reading

It’s important to note that psychics are not qualified to diagnose medical conditions or provide medical advice. However, they can tune into your energy and may be able to provide information that helps you better understand your physical and mental health. Try asking questions like:

  • How can I help my physical and mental health?
  • What type of energy do you perceive in my physical body?
  • What message do my guides have that can be beneficial for my overall health?

No matter your present circumstances, you can find guidance that helps you move forward in your life. Keeping your questions open-ended is great for allowing the information meant for you to flow through your psychic and land within your understanding.

Above, you have three online psychic reading sites to choose from! Choose between chat, email, phone and even video calls to connect with a psychic who’s ready to supply the answers you’re looking for. Check out their reviews and compare pricing to find the most compatible psychic that makes you feel comfortable.

Your answers are available. All you have to do is ask.