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You Could Be the Next Rothman Institute Patient Ambassador

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Cervical Spinal Fusion, Meet Michele

For years Michele had to suffer every day with pain in her neck, shoulder and arm, which she thought she’d have to live with for the rest of her life. Thank goodness she didn’t give up. After seeing several doctors over the course of a few years, she ended up at the Rothman Institute. The Rothman spinal surgeon reviewed her X-rays and decided she needed corrective surgery for multilevel cervical spinal fusion.

After the surgery, Michele says she feels great. “All my pain is completely gone. The areas where I had numbness I have feeling again, and my upper body strength has increased. I have no problems moving my neck. The best experience I ever had was going to Rothman.”

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Meet Larry

Larry was working out at the gym when he heard a loud pop in his shoulder. The pain set in and he was very concerned. As a law enforcement officer and a firefighter, Larry couldn’t afford to be less than at top physical capacity. His neighbor had previously had shoulder surgery at the Rothman Institute and recommended that he go there. “From the moment that I walked in, I felt right at home,” says Larry.

His Rothman doctor determined that he needed total shoulder replacement surgery. Within two hours after surgery, Larry was moving his arm. Within a week, he was back in the gym working out. Larry can sleep at night again. “From the moment I walked into Rothman, I felt right at home. They made me feel at ease. I can now move my arm in all directions, and it’s all because of the doctors at Rothman.”

Total Ankle Replacement Surgery, Meet Terri

Terri had many surgeries as a child to correct her clubbed feet to no avail. She was subsequently told that there could never be anything done to help her. As an adult, she had to severely limit the amount of walking she did. Her business partner, who had previously had surgery at the Rothman Institute, felt she could really benefit from seeing the doctors there. The Rothman doctor discussed all the options with her and together they decided on total ankle replacement surgery.

“I was really blown away by the entire process, the experience, and the professionalism,” shares Terri. “The minute you walk in the door, you are treated like a very special person with very unique needs. I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of the doctors, the nurses, and the staff. ”

Now Terri does Pilates on a regular basis and walks as much as she can. “I smile a lot these days, as I truly feel like a new woman. That sense of freedom to live my life and enjoy my life is a blessing that I couldn’t even describe. I am so thankful to the Rothman Institute and the doctors there, and for the experience I had. It is a tremendous gift.”

The Rothman Institute would like to feature your success story on its patient ambassador website. Internationally recognized for excellence in orthopaedic science and technology, the Rothman Institute has been providing high-quality, compassionate, and affordable musculoskeletal care for more than 40 years, with many convenient locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area. To find out how the physicians at the Rothman Institute can help you, call 1-800-321-9999 today.