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Mix-and-Match Salads for Your Diet

Options are endless when it comes to recipes for power salads, so how do you narrow it down if you are in the market for certain nutrients? Start with these guidelines for made-to-order salads.

  1. Protein-packed salads can be put together with the help of lean meats (broiled chicken, cooked turkey), but don’t forget about easy alternatives like shrimp, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds, which can all add several extra grams of protein to your plate. Consider Provencal salads — their hard-boiled eggs and tuna are chock-full of protein.
  2. For an iron boost, start with the spinach greens as a base. Adding some vitamin C to the salad, like half a cup of strawberries, will help to better absorb the iron, too. Take this recipe up a nutritious notch, and throw in 1/3 cup of dried raisins, which are also loaded with iron.
  3. Salads are already good for digestion, but a salad rich in fiber is even better. Just one cup of roasted chickpeas or black beans will add a whopping 35 grams of fiber. (If that sounds good, try this wild arugula and chickpea combo.) More easy sources of fiber that pair nicely with salads: one medium artichoke or several slices of avocado.
  4. Skip the feta and other cheese crumbles (and their calories) if you’re looking for more calcium. Instead, get the vitamin through a handful of orange slices and sesame seeds — citrus salads like this one will usually have both.

Regardless of which salad you choose, finish off the greens with one of these 19 recipes for healthy sauces and salad dressings.

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